The North star, Polaris, is the guide star for navigation in the Northern Hemisphere.  All of the star maps are oriented to it since is has one important property: it doesn’t move.  By keeping the North star in view an ancient navigator in the desert or on the sea will always know the directions.  He may not know where he is,  but he knows which direction he is heading.

The scriptures were given to us as the guide for us to determine which direction to go.  Joseph Smith stated that if any prophet, or man should tell you something that is not in agreement with the scriptures,  we should disregard it.  I will be writing many things that may surprise you,  you may disagree with, or you may already have some understanding and agreement with.  In all cases I have done my homework and have presented what I believe is the truth and in standing with what the Lord has given us in the scriptures.  My hope is that if I have written something that is provocative, you will study it out for yourself.  Trust NO MAN.  Only trust the Lord.