Signs pointing to a New Covenant in 2017

Signs pointing to a New Covenant  

It has been a year since the New Covenant was offered and accepted by many in Boise last year.  There were many signs and wonders pointing to this event. I will get into writing about those signs later, but, I did want to share one wonderful event that occurred on Sept 3, 2017 in Boise during the last conference event when the Covenant was offered by the Lord through Denver Snuffer and we were asked to stand and accept.

It was a year ago that Nancy and I traveled to Boise, Idaho to the Remnant Conference.  We had been counseled to be prepared to receive a covenant from the Lord.  Denver Snuffer had received a revelation from the Lord telling us to seek confirmation from the Lord so that when the Covenant was read to us, we would know that the covenant came from the Lord and we would be able to accept all the conditions and principles embodied in the covenant.  I took this admonition to heart and prayed for several weeks, every day, to have the truth made known to me. 

“Is this truth, Lord? Do the words of the Covenant and the “Answer to Prayer”, that have been published by Denver, come from your mouth? Is it right that I stand and accept the covenant in the conference in Boise?” I prayed and fasted to receive confirmation from the Lord that this was a New Covenant that was being offered to us.  I wanted to know the truth and was anxious to do the right thing.  Even though I felt that there was little chance that I was being deceived, because it seemed right, it felt right, and in the words of Joseph Smith, “It tasted good”, I still wanted to be fully aware that this was the Lord’s will. But after weeks of dwelling on this need to have heaven approve what I intended to do, I received no answer. Even so I felt right about accepting the Covenant.

As I sat in the auditorium of the Egyptian Theater in Boise on Sept 3, 2017, I began to worry that I had not yet been given the go ahead from the Lord to accept the covenant.  I did not have heaven’s confirmation.  Should I stand and accept, or should I remain sitting? It was important to me to maintain integrity in this matter. I listened to the speakers with these thoughts going through my mind, until Chris Hammel introduced and read the “Answer to Prayer” revelation given to Denver Snuffer several months earlier.  As he spoke I sensed a very peculiar change in the atmosphere inside the theater.  My perception seemed to attenuate, my vision and hearing seemed to change. I heard a loud rustling sound as if thousands of pages in books were being turned. Later on reflection I thought it sounded like a fast-moving river near a rapid. Understanding flooded my mind and I knew that a door had been opened, the veil to heaven had been parted and angels were flooding the room to witness the New Covenant being offered and accepted.  I was told by the spirit the angels were there to record the names of those accepting the covenant and to witness the event, which was so important and momentous.  I tried to see them, but the sight of them was not given to me.  I could, however, feel their presence. There were dozens of them in the room.  The knowledge of their presence was as strong as if I could see them.

The joy I experienced at that moment was indescribable.  I realized the Lord allowed me to experience that witness in answer to my prayers. When the time came to stand and accept the Covenant I was able to do it enthusiastically and with great emotion.  It was true.

I told several other people later about what I had experienced, but no one else saw or felt what I did.  They accepted what I told them, but I wondered if I should just keep this to myself.  Was it meant only for me?  Was it pride that impelled me to want to share this experience?

Later that night, several families from our fellowship got together to talk about the conference and share experiences at one of the local hotels.  There were about 30 people gathered, which also included other families of friends.  At one point, the spirit prompted me to tell my story to the group, which I finally did after much coaxing by the spirit. After I related what I saw and heard, one of the young men in our group spoke up and said, “I am a second witness that this is true. I heard the noise, but I didn’t know what it was.” I have to tell you, I was so relieved that someone else had experienced what I had, and spoken up.

Others started piping up about some of the peculiar things that happened during the conference.  Several in the group related that their young children heard bells during the conference and kept asking their parents what those bells were.  I have to believe that there were many such experiences that occurred during this event, felt and seen by those in the audience, or even listening remotely.

It is my witness that the New Covenant offered and accepted by us in September of 2017 was a heavenly event and was a fulfillment of  prophesy.  In my next post I will introduce some of the many signs and wonders, yes wonders, that occurred in fulfillment of prophesy and  have continued to occur in the last year as a consequence of the Covenant. My desire is this will spur others to tell their stories, in the hope that it will cause many who have taken the covenant but have doubts or questions, to go to the next level- having the Lord confirm it to them personally.

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  1. Thank you for your writing. I was mentioning to someone today that I had read your countermand on someone’s Facebook post but couldn’t find the source and they posted the link to this site. I’ve been enjoying the all of your blog posts very much.

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